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3 Non-Traditional Things I Love As A Wedding Guest

As a seasoned wedding professional, I've experienced my fair share of ceremonies and receptions. But I have to say, the modern wedding trends I've been seeing lately have completely transformed the guest experience.

3 things I love when I see them at today's weddings:

Pre-Ceremony Drinks 🍹

Nothing sets the tone for a joyful celebration quite like mingling with fellow guests over a refreshing cocktail or glass of wine before the ceremony begins. This gives everyone a chance to socialize, relax, and hydrate - ensuring they're fully present and ready to immerse themselves in the magic of the big day. The clinking of glasses and the hum of happy conversation create an inviting atmosphere that hints at the wonderful moments to come.

Pro Tip: This also helps ensure you are not holding the ceremony on any important guests who may be running late. With every wedding I do, I check in with the couple moments before I begin lining up the wedding party to make sure we're not starting without anyone important.

Food Trucks Galore 🌮

Oftentimes the food can be pretty forgettable, which is a tragedy considering it is the highest cost of every wedding. Gone are the days of the same old banquet-style catering. Couples today embrace the fun and flavor of food trucks at their weddings, leaving their guests talking about it for years. This unique dining experience adds an element of excitement and deliciousness that guests can't get enough of. Whether it's gourmet tacos, artisanal pizzas, or sweet treats, having a selection of food trucks allows guests to choose their culinary adventure. It's a surefire way to add a touch of whimsy and ensure that everyone leaves with their taste buds satisfied.

Pro Tip: Food trucks can help reduce the costs of catering while creating an elevated casual environment. Keep in mind that food trucks are typically for outdoor or semi-outdoor events and the level of service is different with this type of catering experience. If you're dreaming of a luxury 4-course meal, food trucks may not be for you!

Cocktail-Style Receptions 🥂

I'm a big fan of the growing trend towards more casual, cocktail-style receptions. Rather than being confined to assigned seating for two hours, guests have the freedom to mingle, dance, and enjoy each other's company in a relaxed, party-like atmosphere. It makes for a much more dynamic and memorable celebration.

Pro Tip: Still ensure there is enough seating for your older guests to be comfortable. I would design the layout to have smaller tables and soft seating vs the traditional ten-person round tables. Think like a bar or restaurant. Wedding guests are used to being told where to sit so when you have open seating that comes with this style of event, the bigger tables will sit empty because people typically shy away from sitting with people they don't know unless they're forced to.

Weddings have truly evolved to prioritize the overall guest experience - and I, for one, am here for it! If you're planning your big day, consider incorporating these modern touches to give your loved ones a wedding they'll be talking about for years to come.

Let us know what unique experiences you've seen at weddings you love!

Cheers to love and laughter!


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